PORTUGUESE CRYPTO JEWS (Portugal and Madeira)

Fecha de publicación: Feb 08, 2017 4:26:24 PM

by Yitzchak Kerem For Zion's sake I shall not remain quiet, for Jerusalem's sake I shall not remain silent. Isaiah 62:1 *Portugal and Madeira* On August 19 1994, Haim Shapiro described in the "Jerusalem Post", an ancient and secret Yom Kippur ritual still practised by Marrano families in northern Portugal. Women gather together and braid oil wicks while reciting 73 blessings, possibly corresponding to the number of names of G-d. This practise is quoted in the Shulhan Aruch. In addition to Belmonte and Oporto celebrations were held in Guarda for 600 crypto-Jewish families who live i... más »